Battle of the Neighbourhoods

1.   Background

South Africa is renowned for its richness in raw minerals, friendly people and wealth of opportunities. An offshore investment group wants leverage this and sees an opportunity to invest into an upmarket restaurant in the South African Market.

2.   Business Problem

The need is understanding what at the options for investing into a restaurant business in 3 of the key metros within South Africa being Cape Town, Johannesburg or Durban. These cities where chosen due to them biggest in South Africa for locals as well has being seen from overseas as top travel Destinations.

Best Holiday Destinations Durban vs Cape Town

Quality of life in Durban, Cape Town and Johannesburg

Most Expensive Cities in South Africa

Further to this, is to understand of the type of restaurants and the location of such within the cities.

3.    Methodology

The following process was followed from extracting and scraping the data, to geocoding the extracted data. And then building maps and graph explore the data.

  1. Extract the location suburb data per main place and city
  2. GEO Code the Subplaces
  3. Explore the data, Visualize graphically and maps
  4. Use FourSquare API to extract the Restaurant Types
  5. Prep the data for Clustering Model
  6. Cluster the Subplaces based on Restaurants
  7. Narrow the locations
  8. Rank the types in the area

Below are the visuals per City using Folium. Each point is a subplace within the Main place.

Cape Town Map:

Durban Map:

Sandton Map: